<pre> 90th Indianapolis 500 entry list (updated as of March 15)

Driver                  Entrant
        Car#     Team                                           C/E/T   Entry Date
Scott Sharp             Delphi Fernandez Racing
        8, 8T   Delphi                                          D*/H/F  March 13
Kosuke Matsuura         Super Aguri Fernandez Racing
        55, 55T Panasonic ARTA                                  D/H/F   March 13
P.J. Chesson (R)        Hemelgarn Racing
        91, 91T Carmelo Hemelgarn Racing                        D/H/F   March 15

Key: C/E/T-Chassis/engine/tire D-Dallara; P-Panoz H-Honda F-Firestone * -- backup chassis is Panoz (W)-Indianapolis 500 winner (R)-Indianapolis 500 rookie TBA-to be announced.


DRIVERS (3) Former race winners: None.

Former pole winners (1): Scott Sharp (2001).

Rookies (1): P.J. Chesson.

U.S. born (2): P.J. Chesson, Scott Sharp.

Foreign born (1): Kosuke Matsuura, Japan.

Youngest: Kosuke Matsuura, 26.

Oldest: Scott Sharp, 38.

Most previous starts: Scott Sharp, 11.

CARS (6)
Chassis: Dallara 5, Panoz 1.