BUDDY RICE (No. 15 Pioneer/Argent Mortgage Honda G-Force)
(2nd Fastest Speed of the Day at 33.187 seconds, 216.949 m.p.h.)

"It was pretty much a drafting exercise this morning. It's funny. We usually aren't at the top of the charts on Friday since we try to run by ourselves. But the track was very good this morning with good, cool air. This afternoon was much different with hotter conditions (110 degree track surface). It feels good to come to California and race this time. I was benched last year for this race with the other team (Cheever). So I'm pretty excited to come here and get a chance to run up front. I had to stand around a lot last year here. I don't think you will see big packs like you have at Michigan. But drafting will be important but you will see single file racing here. At Michigan, you see a lot of side by side racing. That won't happen here on Sunday. We have had a lot bumping lately in recent races. Brian (Barnhart) has looked at a lot of video of the races and it is tough for him to make any quick decisions. The bottom line is that it is the responsibility of the drivers. We have to make the right decisions in the racecar. It is up to us to keep things right on the track. We have to have respect for each other."

VITOR MEIRA (No. 17 Team Centrix Honda G-Force)
(7th Fastest Speed of the Day at 33.318 seconds, 216.096 m.p.h.)

"We could have had a better day overall but we learned quite a bit today. This track is pretty tricky. When I am be myself, the car feels a lot like Michigan. But with the cars in traffic, the Centrix Honda wants to slide around. It is a very different car when you fill the tanks up and run in traffic. The track became hotter this afternoon too. That is where we have to work on the setup. The engine is very good. The Honda has been great all year. The big thing right now is to be comfortable in the car for the race. And to be honest, we aren't right now. It is good to have a three-day race and we'll have Saturday to get it ready for the race. I'm sure that Rahal Letterman Racing will have a good change for Saturday. It is tough here to run three wide during the race. You need to have three good cars racing side by side to make it work. If one car goes bad when you are three wide, it is a bad deal. And I don't think we don't want another situation like that happened to Buddy (Rice) in Chicago. It will be another good race."