Building on Infineon

Red Bull Cheever Racing is coming off its best cumulative result of the season two weeks ago at Infineon Raceway where the team came away with third (Alex Barron) and fourth (Patrick Carpentier) place finishes. The result was Barron's top finish of the season and his sixth top 10. It was also the second time in the last three races that the California native has cracked the top five. Carpentier's finish marked the third time in the last eight races that he has cracked the top five and his ninth top 10 of the season. The team has been on quite a roll as of late with seven top 10s in the last eight races.

The team's take on Chicagoland Speedway

"Chicago is a lot like the other 1.5 mile ovals that we've run this year. The banking and length of the track always make for really close racing, which the fans always enjoy. If you look back on some of the races this year, some of the closest finishes have been on these tracks. We did pretty well at Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to build on this and keep up our string of strong finishes. I always enjoy going to Chicago because there's always a lot to do away from the track. From having great dinners to shopping, I always have a good time there." -- Alex Barron

"This will be the first time for me to race at this track, but I'm not really expecting any surprises. From what I can tell it's a lot like the other 1.5-mile tracks we've raced on. The team has been really consistent with our setups on these tracks this year, and Toyota and Mecachrome have been working hard to give us the kind of power we need to be competitive. We've been getting closer and closer on the longer tracks, so hopefully this will be the one where we break through." -- Patrick Carpentier

Keeping it clean

In addition to the consistent finishes, the team also has managed to keep their cars safe for a majority of the season. Carpentier leads the league in laps completed by 75 laps. He has completed 98 percent of the laps this season. His only mishap was at Indianapolis where he picked up a piece of debris from an accident in front of him, which caused a race-ending mechanical problem. Barron is tied for fifth in laps completed. Together the two have completed 95.49 percent of the laps this season, which ranks first in terms of total team performance.