For Immediate Release April 2, 1996



G Force Precision Engineering Ltd        Dallara Automobili da Competizione
G Force Composites Ltd                        Owner: Gian Carlo Dallara
Contact: James Morton                        Contact: Caterina Dallara
Denmans Lane                                Via Provincale 33
Fontwell, Sussex, England BN18 0SU        43040 Varano Melegari (Parma), Italy
Phone:        011-44-1243-544193                Phone:        011-39-525-53221
Fax:                011-44-1243-544488        Fax:        011-39-525-53478

Riley & Scott (June 1, 1997) Bob Riley, Bill Riley and Mark Scott Contact: Mark Scott 310 Gasoline Alley Indianapolis, IN USA 46222 Phone: 317/248-9470 Fax: 317/248-0182

NOTES Delivery cost of complete IRL chassis to race team: $263,000 Each constructor examined specifications and will produce basic chassis at $220,000 Standard IRL parts (e.g. gearbox, fuel tank) added to basic chassis cost Teams will deal directly with constructor No other constructors until June 1997 Key price-cutting measures: Standardized gear box -- Emco IRL Gearbox (currently being designed) No aerodynamic appendages on underbody or wings Fuel tank (methanol, 35 gallons U.S.) will be standard design Teams buy direct from factory Delivery dates / testing: Late summer for G Force, Dallara After June 1, 1997, for Riley & Scott First event: Indy 200 at Walt Disney World Presented by Aurora January 25, 1997 Commitment: 15 to 20 cars each by January 1997 Term: Basic chassis & engine rules stable through 1999

For Immediate Release April 2, 1996


WHAT'S THE SAME AS CURRENT RULES? Most dimensions, including overall length (190"-195"), width (78=BD"),= weight (1,550 lbs min.) Monocoque construction of carbon fiber / composite materials Forward deformable structure; all existing driver safety components Ground effects underbody; outboard wing structures front and rear Stressed engine (integral part of chassis); methanol fuel 6-speed (all forward) gearbox

WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT THE NEW SPECIFICATIONS? Dimensions Air induction scoop (airbox) above and behind driver's head integrated into roll hoop to feed air into normally-aspirated engine Taller tub construction on either side of driver's head Wider tub (exterior grows from 16" to 19", interior from 11" to 14") Slightly longer cord length (front to back) on rear wing TBA due to height of engine cover Fuel tank 35 gallons U.S. (down from 40 gallons current capacity)

Safety Taller tub construction on either side of driver's head will provide more protection Wider tub (exterior grows from 16" to 19", interior from 11" to 14") will allow more anti-protusion protection, improved driver ergonomics and comfort Deformable structure (collar) at rear around gearbox (composite honeycomb and carbon fiber)

Cost & Parity Standard gearbox (Emco IRL gearbox), 6-position H-pattern, currently in development Standard-design fuel tank (35 gallons U.S.) for all cars No aerodynamic appendages (e.g. vortex generators) Teams buy equipment direct from factory $263,000 per chassis complete (down from $400,000-plus), engine not included

Powerplant $75,000 per engine / Aurora V8 by Oldsmobile, Infiniti Indy by Nissan Larger engine displacement (4.0 liter V8, was 2.65L V8 (Cosworth) and 3.3L V6 (Menard) Larger engine size accounts for wider engine mounts, wider monocoque Normally aspirated (no turbocharger, wastegates, pop-off valve, special= headers) Limited to 10,500 rpm; estimated 700 horsepower

For Immediate Release April 2, 1996


Type: 1997 IRL -- open wheel, single seat, open cockpit, ground effects underbody and outboard wings front and rear Construction: Monocoque contains cockpit, fuel cell, front suspension Engine is stressed (integral) member of chassis Rear assembly contains gearbox, rear suspension members Materials: Carbon fiber and composites Weight: 1,550 pounds minimum (not including fuel or driver) Length: 195" maximum, 190" minimum Width: 78=BD" (outside wheel rims) Height: Approx. 37" Wheelbase: 96" minimum (hub to hub) Wheel Size: Fronts: 15" diameter, 10" wide, Tires 25.5"x10.0"x15" Rears: 15" diameter, 14" wide, Tires 27.0"x14.0"x15" Tires: Goodyear Racing Eagles Firestone Firehawk: 25.5 Gearbox: Emco IRL Gearbox (standard); 6 forward gears, H-pattern shifter Fuel cell: Rupture-proof cell, 35 U.S. gallons (standard) Cost: $263,000 ($220,000 base chassis, $43,000 IRL standard parts) Manufacturers: Dallara (duh-LAHR-uh) Automobili da Competizione, Italy G Force Precision Engineering, England Riley & Scott, Indianapolis


Type: 4.0-liter V8, 32-valve Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC), normally aspirated (no turbocharger) Size: 4.0-liter displacement, approx. 248 cubic inches RPM: 10,500 (maximum, governed) Power: Estimated 700 horsepower Fuel: Methanol Injectors: Electronic Ignition: Electronic Cost: $75,000 Models/Manufacturers: Aurora V8 by Oldsmobile Infiniti Indy by Nissan