All Four KV Racing Technology Drivers Keep Busy Off The Track

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (May 17, 2010) -- While the constant rain showers put a damper on activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Monday, the KV Racing Technology drivers -- Paul Tracy, E.J. Viso, Mario Moraes and Takuma Sato -- were extremely busy.

No cars made it on the track Monday, but the garage remained a beehive of action.

After conferring with their respective engineers regarding car settings for Tuesday's on-track practice, the four KVRT drivers handled a variety of media inquiries including television, radio, newspaper, magazine and internet media outlets.

Tracy, whose serious workout regime has seen the Canadian star lose 35 pounds in the past three months, hit the gym in the morning and answered a barrage of questions from the media about his return to the Indy 500 and his reunion with his former team owner Barry Green. Green will serve as Tracy's race strategist on the No. 15 GEICO -- KVRT Honda/Dallara/Firestone car for the May 30 race.

Viso, Moraes and Sato continued to work with their teams in preparation for this week's on-track events including running their machines with qualifying and race trim settings.

Jimmy Vasser, co-owner of KV Racing Technology, participated in several team meetings today as well as taking media questions. Vasser, an eight-time Indy 500 starter, is a veteran of the Indy rain days. Jimmy talked with his drivers throughout the day about preparing for the next day's events.

JIMMY VASSER, CO-OWNER FOR KV RACING TECHONOLOGY: "It's difficult for a team and the drivers particularly to sit around and wait for the rain to stop. Our team was able to catch up on some equipment preparations in the garage area. But the drivers have to keep busy if they can't get on the track. Some of the drivers work with their engineers, others go to the gym and work out or they meet with the media and talk about their plans. Unfortunately, we can't make up the time lost due to the rain. We lost a day of on-track running. But it is the same for everyone. A rain day can actually help you a little by saving your tires and your engine time. We'll go over our plans now and rework some things for the next few days on track. As a driver, I remember being very anxious to get back on the track as you watch it rain. With the shortened schedule, our team will work on getting prepared for both qualifying and race setups. With four cars and drivers, we'll have a good situation. Paul might work on the race trim while Mario and E.J. develop the qualifying trim. For Takuma, we just want him to get comfortable here at Indy in his rookie event."

-source: kvrt

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