INDIANAPOLIS (May 17, 2008) - Conquest Racing made their first qualifying attempts today for the running of the 92nd Indianapolis 500 with drivers Enrique Bernoldi and Jaime Camara. With their first Indy 500 qualifying under their belt, the Brazilians currently sit respectively 29th and 30th in the 33 car grid and both drivers now have to wait to see what happens tomorrow before "officially" making the field.

"Bump Day" qualifying gets underway tomorrow with a one hour practice session at 10:15 am and qualifying at noon.

Bump Day explained: Any qualifying attempt on the fourth day (Bump day) that is faster than a qualified entrant in the 33 positions in the starting field will bump the slowest qualifier from the field. The "bumped" entrant will be removed from the field of 33, and the remaining field will move ahead one position in the starting field as the newly qualified entrant will take the 33rd position, or a higher position if faster than the other fourth day qualifiers.

29th - Enrique Bernoldi (#36 Sangari Dallara/Honda/Firestone)

"It was an OK qualifying. It was a little bit tricky out there because it was windy so the car was oversteering at one end and then understeering at the other but I managed to put in four consistent laps. I think there is more speed to be found but I'm happy that we are in the field and I think no matter what happens on Bump Day we should be good. It's a good feeling being here, it's such a great event and I'm looking forward to taking part in my first Indy 500."

30th - Jaime Camara (#34 Sangari Dallara/Honda/Firestone)

"I'm happy that we made the field for now but a bit frustrated because it's been a tough month for me. It wasn't easy, I am still recovering with my confidence from the accident I had on the second day of practice last week, it shook me up and consequently put us behind from developing the car. That plus the weather and changing conditions, took away from our track time. It was hard but we are getting there. Now we have to wait and see what happens tomorrow but I have a good feeling we will be there."

-credit: cr