Conquest Racing Gives Students an Inside Look at Business of Racing

INDIANAPOLIS (January 9, 2009) - Conquest Racing played host yesterday to a group of students from University High School (located in Carmel, Indiana) who are following a three-week course in entrepreneurship. The goal of the visit was to give the students a look into the inner workings of a business, from its creation to its operation. The group also had the chance to get a taste of the life of a pit crew member by doing some practice pit stops.

The 15 students, who ranged from Freshman to Seniors, learned about the foundation of Conquest Racing, how it was created back in 1996 as well as how motivation, determination and passion are part of what it takes to keep such a business going, especially in these tough financial times. They were also informed on the marketing and engineering aspects of racing.

In addition to the business side of the sport, the teenagers were treated to a tour of the race shop, had the chance to sit aboard one of the racecars and were given a lesson from the pit crew on how to change a tire, before doing it themselves.

"It was a great experience, very different from what I'm used to," said Joe VanMeter about doing a practice pit stop. "I'm used to playing tennis. I never held something this powerful in my hands before!

"In all, the visit here was a great learning experience. I had been to races before, but I had never seen the behind the scenes of it. It was neat to see how a team is operated and how difficult it can be at times." The visit was part of University High School's, January Term program that consists of three weeks between the schools first and second semester where students can immerse themselves into a single subject.

"University High School's idea of introducing students to the real business life, through many diversified activities, and not just through the writings in a text book, is a great initiative," expressed team owner Eric Bachelart. "I think it's important that students, while still in high school, be exposed to the realities of what it takes to be successful in entrepreneurship, business and life in general. I'm glad that Conquest Racing could give them an inside look at a racing team."

-credit: kr