********************* A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR INDY CAR FANS ****************

The Committee of 300 "the support group for the Long Beach Grand Prix" has a limited number of openings for credentialed volunteers to help with the 1996 Long Beach Grand Prix, April 12-14, 1996.

___________ !!!! You must be 18 or older !!!!!!!!!!!! ____________________

All volunteers will receive: 1. One three day general admission ticket. 2. Admission to the C300 Paddock Club (when not working) 3. Two parties, Fri. and Sun. (after the track activities) 4. A C300 red wind breaker (to be worn during official activities) 5. Official credentials (these allow unlimited access to the garage areas and access to the pit line when the pits are not hot. These credentials are not obtainable to the general public and are ideal to obtain pictures of the cars and drivers.)

All volunteers will be required to help in the grandstands as official greeters Saturday and Sunday until after the races are completed. Friday is a free day when you can use your credentials to take pictures and meet the drivers.

A fee of $ 30.00 will be charged to cover the cost of the windbreaker and the parties.

IMPORTANT!!!! Only a limited number of these credentialed volunteer openings exist. If you are interested in joining us for the race contact Kelly Pierce - Race Day Coordination Director by email "kpierce@pacent.com".

Provide: Name Snail mail address email address Day telephone no. Evening telephone no. You will be contacted.

The C300 also has a few full memberships available. Kelly can provide details. The C300 will have a web page online in the near future.

****************** Come Join Us and Have A Ball ***********************

Jim Ross C300 jdross99@earthlink.net