The following is text of the protest Team Penske has filled following the disqualification of Al Unser Jr from the Budweiser/G.I. Joe's 200:

6/25/95 Portland Oregon

Penske Racing hereby protests the decision of the stewards to disqualify Al Unser's car as the winner of the Portland Indy Car event.

Penske's position is that the car experienced a mechanical failure (IE: The rear skid plate was broken off the car as a result of the car riding over uneven surfaces on the race track). Penske's points are as follows:

1) Under Rule 6.13, the stewards have the authority to disregard the loss of the skidplate "for all purposes".

2) The car was inspected repeatedly during the course of the weekend and passed inspection in every case.

3) The car should be reinspected with the damaged part re-installed as established by past precedence.

4) Failing the location of the damaged part, the car should be reinspected with a substitute part.

5) The car is to be impounded under the auspices of CART/Indy Car for further evaluation.

Chuck Sprague, Team Manager (610) 376-2966 Penske Racing, Inc 366 Penske Plaza Reading, PA 19603

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