(INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.) - Team KOOL Green took delivery of the first of the new 2002 Reynard chassis earlier this week and the team has been busy preparing the car for the first test, December 11 and 12, with Paul Tracy, at Sebring International Raceway, in Florida.

Following is the first in a series of brief diaries by TKG Team Manager Kyle Moyer regarding the team's pre-season preparations:

"The first of the new 2002 Reynard chassis - #001 - arrived on Monday, December 2. Everything that was on it was mainly mock-up. The motor and all the electronic boxes were mock-ups, so we had to replace it with the real stuff it needs to run properly. Then we put on what I guess you would call Team KOOL Green tweaks - stuff our own engineers have developed for the cars."

"Our first test with the car is next week, December 11 & 12 at Sebring, with Paul Tracy, so we've got to get all of Paul's belts, his seat and pedals installed on the car to make it right for him. We'll put a basic setup for Sebring on the car. Then we'll load it up and the transporter leaves on Sunday (Dec 9) for Sebring."

"A new-car test like the one next week is different from any other test we do. You're really not looking to see how fast you can go. It's more a matter of getting some miles in and beginning the process of learning the new car - understanding what's different in the car, finding out the things that work and the things that don't work."

"There are quite a few new systems on the car - new stuff from Honda, new stuff from us, the gearbox has been redone -- and there's probably going to be some things that don't work the way they're supposed to the first time out. We try to do this as quickly as possible, just working out the bugs and trying to get some sort of baseline setup to begin working from."

"In future tests we'll worry about lap times and how fast the car is. But right now, it's just a matter of learning the characteristics of the new car and making certain that everything works."

"Besides the work on the new car, we've got quite a bit going on back at the shop. We're taking parts off of the old cars that can carry over to the new and we're converting several of the older cars over to show cars."