It took all day to get in one IndyCar session but at 5:22 p.m. the cars took to the track for one hour.

The session had one yellow for track inspection.

Scott Pruett was fastest with Robby Gordon a close second.

Veteran drivers wanted Wally Dallenbach to cancel the day's activities so they could leave the track. But track officials decided to do all they could to run a practice session. With so many rookie drivers this was a good idea. When one team owner went to look for Dallenbach, in order to plead for a cancelation, Wally was busy driving around the track in an effort to keep it dry.

Both Rahal/Hogan cars had what looked like an aviation type device which measures wind speed. Pruett had one too.

Best rumor of the day: A well known former football player is rumored to be teaming up with the Gannassi team. He is so famous he has a state named after him.