HVM's Expectations Melt in Monterrey Sun

With track temperatures reaching 136 degrees and the ambient temperature a humid 96 degrees, HVM's rookie duo of Bjorn Wirdheim and Ronnie Bremer finished the day disappointed. Wirdheim has tested several settings through the weekend but struggles to find rear grip. While Bremer is happy with his car, he found himself in the middle of a traffic jam during final qualifying's rush hour. While he was unsatisfied with his result, he was the fastest of his Rookie class. Fortunately the HVM crews are among the fastest in the paddock; that combined with engineering strategy and a solid performance by the drivers should provide for an exciting day tomorrow.

BJORN WIRDHEIM, #4 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Bjorn on Qualifying:"We are really struggling here with lack of grip. I was quite surprised at how big the gap is to the drivers up front. We've been working really hard to get the grip, we did make it better but we still don't have the grip I need. We are really disappointed and we'll sit down and strategize this afternoon and make sure we find something. We can still test a couple of changes in warm-up so we'll make sure to maximize that session and then give it our best shot in the pits. We'll also have a race strategy meeting tonight, I have a fantastic group of guys over the wall so it will be a group effort for sure tomorrow, but we'll give it our best effort. After that we'll turn our focus to a strong weekend in Milwaukee."

RONNIE BREMER, #55 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Ronnie on Qualifying:"I am disappointed, the car is pretty good, but I just couldn't get a lap clear enough to put in my best time. I think we have a half a second left in the car; it was just bad timing for us today. I have a good racecar, so I am looking forward to all 76 laps and perfect pitstops tomorrow."

*Top Rookie Qualifier

Keith Wiggins, Co-Owner/Managing Director:"Obviously not one of our better days. Our results today make our job tomorrow rather difficult."