Da Matta Delivers Bridgestone Its Initial CART FedEx Series Victory

Cristiano da Matta helped Bridgestone debut in the CART FedEx Championship Series in sensational style today by driving to victory on the Potenza racing radials. Bridgestone entered CART this season and supplies every driver in the FedEx series field.

Da Matta held off a late charge by Dario Franchitti to win at Monterrey for the second consecutive year. Both drivers applauded the performance of their Potenza tires as keys to their podium finishes.

Joe Barbieri, Bridgestone Motorsport Project Supervisor:
"It's a memorable day for the Bridgestone Motorsport program, and we take extreme pride in claiming our first CART victory today. Cristiano da Matta drove a sensational race, and it was obvious to us he had confidence in his Bridgestone tires the way he continued to push harder on every lap. The tire performance in general this weekend was superb for everyone. This is the first in a long line of Bridgestone victories to come in CART, and we will do our part to make sure that the tire performance continues to meet the high standards of everyone in the paddock."

Cristiano da Matta, Newman/Haas Racing Toyota/Lola/ Bridgestone:
"I had no problems with the tires today at all. As the fuel load was going lighter, I didn't feel any tire degradation, just the car going faster and faster because of the fuel. The tires weren't an issue at all. I don't think I thought about tires the whole time."

Dario Franchitti, Team Green Honda/Reynard/Bridgestone:
"The tires from Bridgestone were spot on all day. We pushed them from the first lap to the last lap and we were actually going quicker at the end of the runs, so they obviously did a fantastic job."

Race temperatures ranged from 88 to 100 degrees track and 65 to 72 degrees ambient (F).
Race temperatures ranged from 31 to 37 degrees track and 18 to 22 degrees ambient (C).