Reported in Sao Paulo by "Estado de Sao Paulo" Oct, 28, Emerson Fittipaldi will leave Penske Team to join to Hogan Team in '96 season. They report that Fittipaldi bought part of Hogan Team and will drive a Penske '96 chassi with Mercedes engine, also will get technical people from Penske Team as well technical support.

This will solve many problems as Paul Tracy dont agree to go to Hogan and Roger Penske is not wanting to run a 3 driver team again and the "enviroment" was not that good for Fittipaldi after the discussion he had with Roger due that flag waving in Indy500 qualifying. Both managed to keep the Marlboro sponsorship, Roger for the team and Emmo the personal one. Emmo and Roger are still friends and partners in many businesses but resolved to finish the owner-driver relations. Emmo said he will announce officially the deal November 10.

>From Sao Paulo thru Buffalo FreeNet Joao Alcino