Santa Ana, Calif. (April 30) - The All American Racers team announced today that it has hired David Bruns as Senior Design Engineer for Advanced Projects.

David Bruns, a graduate of Arizona State University, is possibly the premier American designer in the motorsports industry. He has designed cars for many racing categories including Formula Ford, Super Vee and Atlantic. Since 1983, these cars have dominated their respective categories, winning some 40 national and international championships.

Prior to joining the All American Racers team, Bruns was the Vice President of Engineering at Swift Engineering Inc. where he worked as the chief designer for the 1997 and 1998 Champ car program.

"We are extremely pleased that David Bruns has decided to join our organization", explained Dan Gurney. "We were unaware that the possibility existed, and when we found out that he was available we didn't hesitate to offer him a position as a senior member of our design team."