New CART Chief Steward J. Kirk Russell has announced the appointment of four stewards for the upcoming FedEx Championship Series season.

Gary Barnard, Senior Manager of Racing Operations, will serve as Competition Steward.

Vice President of Electronic Systems, Jeff Horton, will be the Electronics and Timing Steward.

Vice President of Logistics, Dennis Swan, will be the Pit Steward

Bill Kamphausen, Assistant Vice President of Logistics, will server as Paddock Steward.

Barnard served CART as Chief Observer/Flagger (Race Control) from 1992 to early 1999 when he took over the position of Channel One. He began working SCCA events in the 1970s in Flagging and Communications and CART events in 1979 as a Course Observer. In 2000, Barnard received a permanent position with the CART Corporate office as Senior Manager of Racing Operations.

Horton has been involved with CART for more than 13 years, first as a project engineer and program manager for General Motors in the Motorsports group. He also as worked with the Mercedes CART program and as Manager of Engine Electronics for the Dayton Indy Lights Series.

Swan began working on SCCA club race cars in 1964 and has through the years worked for many leading teams, including Vells Parnelli Jones Racing, Chaparral racing, Shierson Racing, Truessports and Rahal-Hogan racing. He has served as Vice President of Logistics since 1995.

Bill Kamphausen is beginning his 22nd year as a CART official. He was one of CART original officials in 1979 and has worked every Champcar event since. Before that he was a technical official for USAC. His current responsibilities including oversight of the pits and paddock areas,

-Jack Durbin -