CHAMPCAR/CART: Champ Car unveils new logos and branding

Today at their Indianapolis offices, CART revealed the logos and branding for the corporation and their top series, Bridgestone Presents The Champ Car World Series Powered By Ford. Incorporating the Bridgestone and Ford logos, and sharing design elements with the simple Championship Auto Racing Teams corporate logo, the new series logo brings the Champ Car name to the forefront of CART's promotion of the series

New logo for the Bridgestone Presents The Champ Car World Series Powered by Ford.
Photo by CART, Inc..

In today's presentation, CART President and CEO, Chris Pook reinforced the value of Champ Car racing as a delivery system for companies wishing to promote in many of the largest markets in the US, throughout North America, and around the world. Mr. Pook highlighted the recent Joyce Julius sponsorship report, which showed a 143% increase in sponsor mentions and 103% increase of in-focus views in the 2002 CART season television presentations, and followed that with a mention of the record race attendance of over 2.6 million fans for the 2002 season.

The Champ Car World Series brand name, which CART has used for the last several years, is now the focus of the series' promotional efforts for 2003 and beyond, and the CART brand will strictly be used as the corporation name.

During today's presentation, Mr. Pook stressed the market-based focus of the Champ Car series events, pointing out that Champ Car now visits the 3 largest markets in Canada, the two largest in Mexico, the largest markets in Britain and Germany and many of the largest markets in the US. He added that two more large US markets would be added to the 2004 Champ Car schedule.