A new Firehawk tire specification has been developed, with each entry receiving nine sets (36 total tires) for the race weekend, with a total of 1,170 tires available.

The updated spec, based off results from a tire test at Auto Club Speedway in February, features a slightly softer body construction and tread compound on the left-side tires to increase grip and a slightly harder right-side tread compound to add durability.

Firestone Firehawks
Firestone Firehawks

Photo by: Michael C. Johnson

Rookie drivers and those outside the top 10 in points receive a 10th set of tires for use only in the opening practice session;

Tire stagger: A single stagger of approximately 0.45 of an inch is available for all teams. Stagger, created by molding the right rear tire with a larger diameter than the left rear, helps racecars turn more naturally and smoothly on oval tracks. From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Firestone Racing: “Texas Motor Speedway annually provides some of the most intense racing on the IndyCar circuit and we are proud that the Firestone brand is again serving as title sponsor of this top-tier event.

The action at Texas is fast and furious, and Firestone Racing has developed a new Firehawk tire specification that we believe will contribute to the excitement.

We continue working with series officials to supply tires that put a premium on tire management by teams and drivers. We saw the perfect example of that in 2012 when Justin Wilson made his Firehawks last to the end and he won the race.

The new Firestone tire for this weekend should provide that right balance once again, giving drivers great grip and stability from set to set, while rewarding those who properly manage their Firehawks throughout the stints.”

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