<pre> Ruggero Melgrati

Career Highlights WSC Rolex 24hrs of Daytona 1994 Winner GTP Lights 12hrs of Sebring 1993 Winner Norelco Cup Winner at R.Atlanta & W.Glen 1988 (Best Outstanding Driver Performance)

Camel GT , Exxon WSC and GTS Driving Record Starts 54 Wins 15 Poles 13 Fastest Laps 22

WINS Daytona, Fl 1994 Sebring, Fl 1993 Miami, Fl 1993 Phoenix, Az 1992 Laguna Seca, Ca 1992 Portland, Or 1991 Laguna Seca, Ca 1991 Tampa, Fl 1990 R.America, Wi 1990 Watkins G, NY 1990 Lime Rock, Ct 1990 R.Atlanta, Ga 1988 Miami, Fl 1988 R.America, Wi 1986 Palm Beach, Fl 1986

POLES Sebring, Fl 1995 R.America, Wi 1991 Topeka Ks 1990 R.Atlanta, Ga 1990 Sebring, Fl 1990 R.America, Wi 1988 R.Atlanta, Ga 1988 Sebring, Fl 1988 Miami, Fl 1988 Sebring, Fl 1987 Daytona, Fl 1986 R.America, Wi 1986 Palm Beach, Fl 1986

FASTEST RACE LAPS Laguna Seca, Ca 1992 Mid-Ohio, Oh 1992 R.America, Wi 1991 Portland, Or 1991 Watkins G, NY 1991 Sebring, Fl 1991 S.Antonio, Tx 1990 R.America, Wi 1990 Portland, Or 1990 Watkins G, NY 1990 Mid-Ohio, Oh 1990 Topeka, Ks 1990 R.Atlanta, Ga 1990 Sebring, Fl 1990 Watkins G, NY 1988 Palm Beach, Fl 1988 R.Atlanta, Ga 1988 Sebring, Fl 1988 Miami, Fl 1988 Daytona, Fl 1986 Palm Beach, Fl 1986 Sebring,Fl 1986

2002 Ruggero is planning to restart his US racing career.

1999 Drove and won the GT3 category of the FIA GT 1000KM at Monza with a MAC Racing Porsche 996.

1996>2000 He started a successful `furniture web shop' on the internet (www.galliani.com).

1995 Pole-sitter in GTS-2 class at Sebring, driving the new Carma Ferrari 308.

1994 The opening season for the WSC new Top IMSA class. Melgrati wins the magic 24hrs of Daytona, driving the Brix's Motorola Oldsmobile car.

1993 Ruggero co-drove the Comptech Acura to victory at the 12hrs. of Sebring (with Johnstone and Marvin) and Miami (with Johnstone).

1992 Ranked 7th in the GTPLights driver championship, driving the Comptech Acura n°48 in 8 events of the IMSA season. He won twice at Laguna Seca and Phoenix.

1991 Ranked 5th in this year championship standing, driving the Comptech Acura in 3rd place at Del Mar in the IMSA Finale and the Carma InterChem Ferrari in the back-to-back wins at Laguna Seca and Portland.

1990 Ranked 2nd in GTPLights, co-driving the Carma Ferrari with team owner Finotto in 4 victories.

1989 Melgrati drove the GTP Ford Probe at Daytona 24hrs.

1988 Ruggero finished 2nd GTP car at the World Challenge of Tampa co-driving with Robinson the Ford Probe. At the same time, he drove the Carma Ferrari car for most of the GTPLight season, ranking 7th overall, including two wins.

1986 Ruggero's debut in IMSA at the 24hrs of Daytona leading most of the race in GTPLights. He scored the first two IMSA victories at Palm Beach and Road America.

1985 Ruggero qualifyed the Carma Turbo Giannini in 2nd position on the grid at the 24hrs of Le Mans in C2.

1984 European F.3 championship: ranked 7th overall in the final standing. 3rd place at Mugello (I), 4th place at Pergusa (I), 5th place at Silverstone (GB) and 6th at La Chatre (F). He drove the MonteCarlo GP and the Macau GP F.3, finishing 7th at Monaco.

1983 European F.3 championship: he finished 5th at Vallelunga (I) and he scored the quickest race lap at Donington (GB).

1982 Italian F.3 championship: ranked 10th overall with only 9 starts out of 14.

1981 Ruggero drove his Birel Speedy Motor 135cc kart at the 3rd place - right in front of the well-known Ayrton Senna - in the World Karting Championship at Parma (I): 1st M. Wilson, 2nd L. Forsmann, 3rd R.Melgrati, 4th A. Senna.

1980 European Karting Champion at Fulda (West Germany).

1979 Winner of all majors National karting championship, including the Italian GP and the Gabbiani's Trophy.

1978 Winner of many races in his first racing year ever.

1968 >1977 Basketball player in the Junior Team of Monza (Italy).

1961 Born in Monza, Italy - September 5th.

Personal profile Likes: Playing all kind of sports - Squash, golf, tennis, bicycle race.... Music - Emerson Lake & Palmer, ZZ Top, Queen.... Movies - The Blues Brothers, Taxi Driver, Bram Stoker's Dracula....

Dislikes: Italian soccer and alcoholic drinks....

Heros: Ronnie Peterson (F.1 driver), Robert DeNiro (actor), Michelle Pfeifer (actress).

Family: Giovanna (wife), Roberto (Dad), Teresa (Mom) and Riccardo (younger brother).

HT./WT.: 170 cms. x 75 kgs.

Occupation: Between races he works in his well-known furniture company.