This Week in Racing History

November 22 - Jake Elder born (1936).

November 23 - Sportscar racer Jeremy Dale born (1962).

November 24 - Buddy Parrott born (1939).

November 25 - Joe Gibbs, former NFL football coach and now owener of NASCAR stockcar and NHRA dragracing teams, born (1940).

November 26 - Louis Wagner drives his Benz to victory in the first American Grand Prize race, in Savanah, Georgia (1908).

- Dan Gurney drives an Eagle to victory in the Rex Mays 200 Indycar race at Riverside, California, USA. He becomes the first driver to win in the four major racing disciplines of Indycars, stockcars, F1, and sportscars (1967).

November 27 - Ralph Mulford drives a Lozier to victory in the first Vanderbilt Cup race to be held in Savanah, Georgia, USA (1911).

Giancarlo Baghetti dies of cancer (1995).

November 28 - Jeff Purner born (1963).

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