This Week in Racing History
Michael Stucker

November 22
Stan Fox wins the last race ever held at the legendary Ascot, California, dirt track (1990).

November 23
Umberto Maglioli wins the final Carrera Panamerica road race through Mexico in a Ferrari (1954).

November 24
The Sports Car Club of America national organization revokes the charter of the Los Angeles Region and offers it to the California Sports Car Club (1961).

November 25
Gaston Chevrolet killed in National Championship race at Beverly Hills, California (1920).

November 26
Louis Wagner drives his Benz to victory in the first American Grand Prize race, in Savanah, Georgia (1908).

November 27
Ralph Mulford drives a Lozier to victory in the first Vanderbilt Cup race to be held in Savanah, Georgia, USA (1911).

November 28
Ted Field and Danny Ongais drive a Chevrolet-powered Lola T600 to victory in the IMSA three-hour race at Daytona, Florida, USA (1982).