This Week in Racing History

May 25 - Cecil Snipe drives 4.5 liter Scat to victory in the first Giro di Sicilia, a race circling the whole island of Sicily. He covered the 605 miles (975 km) in 24 hours, 37 minutes and 9.8 seconds (1912).

May 26 - Alberto Ascari dies while testing Ferrari 750 sportscar at Monza (1955).

May 29 - Richi Ginther qualifies his Ferrari Dino 246P ninth and finishes sixth in the Monaco Grand Prix. First Grand Prix for Ginther and first Grand Prix for a mid-engined Ferrari (1960).

May 30 - Kelly Patillo drives his Wetteroth-Offenhauser to victory in the Indianapolis 500. First victory for an Offy engine at Indy (1935).

- A.J. Foyt drives his Watson-Offenhauser to victory in the Indianapolis 500. Last Indy 500 win for a front-engined roadster. Foyt's second Indy 500 win. Eddie Sachs and Dave McDonald die in a first lap crash (1964).

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