This Week in Racing History
Michael Stucker

December 4
Sterling Moss, driving an Aston Martin DBR2, wins the Governor's Trophy race at Nassua in the Bahammas (1959).

December 5
The paved track at Marouba, New South Wales, Australia, opens (1925).

December 6
F1 Champion and DTM team owner Keke Rosberg born (1948).

December 7
John Surtees tests a Ferrari F1 car for the first time (1962).

December 8
Comptech racing recieves their first Acura engine for IMSA Camel Lights racing (1990).

December 9
Daniel MacKinlay Jr., driving a Spyker, and L. de Dantos, driving a Daracq, finish in a dead-heat in the first documented auto compitition in Argentina, a trial from Buenos Aires to Tigre (1906).

December 10
Sportscar racer Price Cobb born (1954).