This Week in Racing History
Michael J. Stucker

December 3
Indycar driver Tom Bagley born (1939).

December 4
Ferrari drivers finish 1-2, with Mchael Schumacher leading Rubens Barrichello, in a charity go-kart race in Koln, Germany, featuring past and present racing stars. The event raised $130,000 for the UNESCO "Children in Need" pragram (1999).

December 5
Joe Parkhurst, founder of Cycle World magazine, dies at age 74 of complications from the treatment of lung cancer (2000).

December 6
F1 World Champion and DTM team owner Keke Rosberg born (1948).

December 7 Stockcar and Indycar racer Lee Roy Yarbrough dies from a subdural hematoma after falling and hitting his head (1984).

December 8
Indycar driver George Snider born (1940).