This Week in Racing History
Michael J. Stucker

December 15
Six-time IMSA Camel GT champion Peter Gregg commits suicide (1980).

December 16
Active suspension is tested for the first time on an F1 car when Dave Scott drives the Lotus 92 at Snetterton, England. Lotus founder Colin Chapman dies the same morning from a heart attack (1982).

December 17
NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt undergoes back surgery to remove a ruptured disk at University Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA (1999).

December 18
Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubet, driving a Jeantaud, sets the first World Land Speed Record at 39.24 mph (1898).

December 19
The first Matra 3-liter V12 engine comes to life on a test-bench (1967).

December 20
Formula One and sportscar racer Karl Wendlinger born (1968).

December 21
1962 500cc motorcycle Grand Prix World Champion Gary Hocking dies in the crash of the Lotus F1 car he is driving in Durban, South Africa (1962).