This Week in Racing History
Michael Stucker

April 20
Andy Wallace and Doc Bundy drive a Panoz GTR-1 to victory in the PSR Exxon Supreme GT1 series race at Road Atlanta, Georgia, USA. First ever win for Panoz (1997).

April 21
Ronnie Peterson, driving a Tecno, wins the F3 race at Falkenberg in Halland, Sweden (1968).

April 22
Gigi Villoresi drives a Maseratti 4CL to victory in the first post-WWII Grand Prix, in Nice, France (1946).

April 23
Ray Bellm and Maurizio Sandro Salo lead a McLaren F1 sweep of the top five positions in the BPR sports car race on the Nurburgring in Germany (1995).

April 24
Drag racing's first reported 200 mph speed is set by John "The Golden Greek" Karamesines with a 204.54 mph run at Alton Dragway in Alton, Illinoise, USA (1960).

April 25
Didier Pironi drives a Ferrari 126C2 to victory in the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola, Italy (1982).

April 26
John Morton and Hurley Haywood drive the Group 44 Jaguar XJR-7 to victory in the IMSA Camel GT Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside, California, USA (1987).