This Week in Racing History

June 7 - LeHoux, driving a Bugatti, wins the Geneva Grand Prix at Meyrin, the first major international race held in Switzerland (1931).

- Robbie Loomis born (1964).

- William H.G. France, founder of NASCAR, dies of natural causes (1992).

June 8 - The first Porsche 356 is delivered (1948).

- Ludovico Scarfiotti dies during practice for a hillclimb (1968).

June 9 - Ronnie Duman dies during National Championship race in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (1968).

June 11 - Former F1 World Champion, and now F1 team owner, Jackie Stewart born (1939).

- During the 24 Hours of Lemans, Pierre Levegh's Mercedes 300SLR and Lance Macklin's Austin-Healey touch, causing Levegh to crash into spectators. More than 80 people, including Levegh, die (1955).

June 12 - Bob Swanson dies during qualifying for a midget race in Toledo, Ohio, USA (1940).

June 13 - Richie Ginther gives Honda their first F1 World Championship points by finishing sixth in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa (1965).

- Riccardo Piletti dies in crash at Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal (1982).

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