INDIANAPOLIS, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005 -- Tony Hulman purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker on Nov. 14, 1945. Here are major news events and cultural happenings from 1945:

World, National Events

* United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt died April 12. Harry S Truman succeeded him.

* The European portion of World War II ended May 8 with surrender by the Germans.

* USS Indianapolis was hit July 30 by torpedoes fired by a Japanese submarine in the Pacific. Of the 1,197 men in the crew, 880 died and 317 were rescued.

* World War II ended Sept. 2. The final official surrender of Japan was accepted by General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz from a delegation led by Mamoru Shigemitsu aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

* The United Nations was founded Oct. 24.

* John H. Johnson published the first issue of the magazine Ebony on Nov. 1

* Raymond Libby developed oral penicillin.

Area, State Events

* City of Indianapolis buys Broad Ripple Park.

* Rationing of gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, stoves and processed food due to World War II ends in August. Rationing of automobiles and tires, both due to World War II, ends in October and December, respectively.

* Indiana General Assembly passed a fair employment practices act and joined in setting up day-care centers for the children of female workers in factories producing military supplies.

Area Government

* U.S. senators, Indiana -- Raymond E. Willis, Republican; Homer E. Capehart, Republican

* Indiana governor -- Ralph F. Gates, Republican

* Indianapolis mayor -- Robert Tyndall, Republican

Nobel Prize Winners

* Physics -- Wolfgang Pauli

* Chemistry -- Artturi Ilmari Virtanen

* Medicine -- Sir Alexander Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain, Sir Howard Walter Florey

* Literature -- Gabriela Mistral

* Peace -- Cordell Hull

Academy Award Winners (1945 films, awarded in 1946)

* Best Motion Picture: "The Lost Weekend"

* Best Actor: Ray Milland, "The Lost Weekend"

* Best Actress: Joan Crawford, "Mildred Pierce"

Best-Selling Songs in America

* "Cattle Call," Eddy Arnold

* "Sentimental Journey," Les Brown

* "Salt Peanuts," Dizzy Gillespie

* "Blue Moon of Kentucky," Bill Monroe

Sports Champions

* MLB: Detroit Tigers

* NFL: Cleveland Rams

* NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs

* Kentucky Derby: Hoop Jr.

* NCAA basketball: Oklahoma A&M

* NCAA football: Army

* Heisman Trophy: Doc Blanchard, Army

* Indiana high school basketball: Evansville Bosse