PONCE INLET, FL - 12-11-01 - The All Star Sprint Car Racing Series will return to East Bay Raceway near Tampa,FL sanctioning four nights of the "26th Annual Winternationals". The racing action begins Wed, February 13 with a 25 lap main event offering $4,000 to the winner followed the next night, Thursday, February 14, with another $4,000 to win 25 lap feature race. Friday's program will follow the same format and payoff. The final night of All Star sanctioned racing at East Bay Raceway takes place Saturday, February 16, 2002 headlined by a 50 lap feature affair paying a whopping $26,000 in first place prize money. East Bay Raceway owner Stan Kolan has posted a purse in excess of $148,760 for the four nights of All Star Circuit of Champions sanctioned events.

Kolan has also added several bonus awards for the upcoming "Winternationals" including a driver loyalty bonus and once again in 2002, Kolan has added to each nights' program a 10 car-10 lap dash for drivers not qualifying for that nights' feature event. The special "Strawberry Dashes" are sponsored by Morgan Farms of Ruskin, FL and the track will offer bonus awards to the fast qualifier each night and an additional bonus for a new track record. And there will be a Bar-B-Que for all racecar owners, drivers, crew members and their families and friends on Tuesday February 12.

Pre-sale tickets are now available for the "26th Annual All Star Sprint Winternationals" with adult general admission tickets $30.00 for the February 13 and 14 events, $35.00 for the February 15 race and $40.00 for the February 16 event. A limited number of camping permits are also available. Persons wishing to reserve the same seats they purchased in 2001 must reserve their seats for the 2002 "Winternationals" before January 1. After January 1, all remaining reserved seats will be sold on a first come-first serve basis. The rain date is Sunday, Feb. 17.

Pre-sale ticket orders will be taken Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST and until 8:00 pm Wednesdays only. Phone toll free 877-457-5611. East Bay Raceway does accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover and will also accept personal checks.

East Bay All Star Winners:

2/11/1984 Sammy Swindell
2/8/1985 Doug Wolfgang
2/8/1985 Bobby Davis Jr
2/9/1985 Doug Wolfgang
2/10/1985 Bobby Davis Jr
2/5/1986 Rocky Hodges
2/6/1986 Bobby Davis Jr
2/7/1986 Bobby Davis Jr
2/9/1986 Bobby Davis Jr
2/4/1987 Bobby Davis Jr
2/5/1987 Bobby Davis Jr
2/6/1987 Doug Wolfgang
2/8/1987 Bobby Davis Jr
2/11/1988 Johnny Mackison Jr
2/12/1988 Mark Keegan
2/13/1988 Paul Lotier
2/15/1989 Johnny Herrera
2/16/1989 Dave Blaney
2/17/1989 Keith Kauffman
2/18/1989 Steve Smith
2/14/1990 Bobby Allen
2/15/1990 Bobby Allen
2/16/1990 Kenny Adams
2/17/1990 Randy Wolfe
2/13/1991 Bobby Davis Jr
2/14/1991 Bobby Davis Jr
2/15/1991 Bobby Davis Jr
2/16/1991 Kenny Jacobs
2/12/1992 Lance Dewease
2/13/1992 Terry Shepherd
2/14/1992 Keith Kauffman
2/15/1992 Bobby Davis Jr
2/10/1993 Fred Rahmer
2/12/1993 Cris Eash
2/13/1993 Cris Eash
2/14/1993 Keith Kauffman
2/16/1994 Danny Lasoski
2/17/1994 Jac Haudenschild
2/18/1994 Billy Pauch
2/19/1994 Stevie Smith
2/15/1995 Gary Wright
2/16/1995 Gary Wright
2/17/1995 Billy Pauch
2/18/1995 Lance Dewease
2/14/1996 Gary Wright
2/15/1996 Bill Brian
2/16/1996 Fred Rahmer
2/17/1996 Bill Brian
2/12/1997 Billy Pauch
2/13/1997 Gary Wright
2/14/1997 Gary Wright
2/15/1997 Brian Schnee
2/11/1998 Billy Pauch
2/12/1998 Lance Dewease
2/14/1998 Jeff Shepard
2/10/1999 Jeff Shepard
2/11/1999 Billy Pauch
2/12/1999 Gary Wright
2/13/1999 Jeff Shepard
2/16/2000 Danny Lasoski
2/17/2000 Danny Lasoski
2/18/2000 Gary Wright
2/19/2000 Danny Lasoski
2/14/2001 Joey Saldana
2/15/2001 Joey Saldana
2/16/2001 Greg Hodnett
2/17/2001 Gary Wright

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