Panoz to Test 19 Inch Michelin Pilot Radials September 22 at Road Atlanta

(GREENVILLE, SC) --- Seeking every speed advantage possible prior to the Petit Le Mans and the two U.S. FIA GT races, Panoz Motorsports will test 19-inch Michelin Pilot racing radials Tuesday, September 22 at Road Atlanta. The team plans to compete in the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta October 10 and at the FIA GT races at Homestead Motorsports Complex and Laguna Seca Raceway with 19-inch tires.

The 19-inch Michelin Pilots have proven themselves in endurance racing, guiding the Porsche GT1-98, piloted by Alan McNish of Britain, Laurent Aiello and Stepane Ortelli of France, to the GT1 and overall victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans this past June. The Michelin-fitted Dodge Viper GTS-R driven by American David Donohue, Justin Bell of Britain and Luca Drudi of Italy were the victors in GT2 driving with 19-inch Michelin racing radials.

The 19-inch tires provide a lower profile than the 18-inch tires Panoz has competed with in SPORTS CAR and USRRC racing this year. Teams can compete at the Petit Le Mans under, rules established by the Automobile Club l'Ouest (ACO), the organization that sanctions the 24 Hours of Le Mans, or Professional Sports Car rules. Panoz and the Michelin-equipped Champion Porsche will compete at the Petit Le Mans under ACO rules, which allow 19-inch tires.

"Every advantage is important in racing and the Petit Le Mans will provide a great opportunity to compete with a tire we know has proven itself at Le Mans and in FIA GT competition," said Herb Johnson," Director of Motorsports, Michelin North America. "The Panoz team, headed by Tony Dowe, is always looking to go to the next level, so testing with the 19-inch Michelin Pilots will be very important to the team with only a few weeks to go before the Petit Le Mans."