Scuderia Playteam SaraFree is ready for the fifth round of the season, an exciting experience at Brands Hatch this weekend. Brands Hatch is one of the world's classic racetracks, having been in operation since 1928. It hosted the Formula 1 British Grand Prix 12 times between 1964 and 1986, and to this day it holds rounds of the British and World Touring Car Championship, the DTM, A1 Grand Prix, British F3 and British GT; in addition to this weekend's GT Open rounds. The Saturday race will last for 60 minutes, with Sunday's shorter race lasting for 35 minutes.

Everyone at Scuderia Playteam SaraFree is aware that the race will be a good opportunity to confirm the team's excellent 2nd position in the International GT OPEN Championship. The driver line-up of Andrea Montermini, Max Busnelli, Michele Maceratesi and Mauro Massironi will be competing on track for the rest of the weekend at the wheel of their Ferrari 430s. Overall good mood and good spirit in the team characterises the team's attitude despite a bit of disappointment after the decision of the French Court in favour of a team who had pitted at the wrong moment. The books say that this infringement should have been punished by a four-lap penalty.

Michele Maceratesi and Andrea Montermini both lay in third position of the drivers classification with 74 points. Andrea Montermini explains: "After winning in Germany couple of weeks ago together with my team mate Michele, I am looking forward to be again racing in this famous and historic circuit. I always come back to Brands Hatch with pleasure. My last race in Brands Hatch was a long time ago. I came to race in 1991 in F.3000. Brands Hatch is certainly one of the most difficult circuit I have ever been on. 'Brands' is not a very long circuit, but the particular nature of the corners and the speed that you have to approach them, makes this circuit one of the most interesting and challenging in the world. Playteam are again in the position to fight for the championship and we will push and do everything to make it happen Our Ferrari 430 GT, for sure will be very competitive because my team and my engineer will prepare the car perfectly, as usual, for this circuit."

Michele Maceratesi comforts his team-mate opinion over the race: "Andrea raced here. I have not. We will share some useful information to make the most out of this race. I hope that the set-up of the car will be as fine-tuned as in Germany in Oschersleben. A great race there. No reason not to repeat our good form."

Max Busnelli continues: "I will be discovering this famous track for the first time. I have already studied the track. It will be technical. It will be pretty important to understand how to find the right lines. I am already planning to drive as many laps as possible on Friday. This is key in the strategy and we did not manage doing it in Ochsersleben because of technical problems. I am quite confident for a good race, because the car seems to be well adapted to the characteristics of the track We should have enough grip in the fast corners and will be able to make up for this incredible and surprisingly unfair advantage in the championship that Porsche gained after the national Court of the French Motorsport Federation decided to change the one-lap penalty into a time penalty of 40 seconds although the team had enfringed the regulations and not pitted at the right moment.

Max's team mate, who also has never driven on this track, Mauro Massironi concluded: "I hope that the race will be won on the track here and not in a court. We are here to earn points for this race and we hope for a podium finish. We will work hard for it and I can't wait to see this challenging track. I hope that the weather will be dry. It is always a big help for better performances and to best work with the tires."

-credit: sps