The British GT Championship came into being in 1993. It was first run under the aegis of SRO in 2004, and enjoyed an extremely successful year, the title going to 18-year-old Jonathan Cocker, racing for Gruppe M.

The series is open to two classes, GT2 and GT3. Only the GT2 cars will be competing at Magny-Cours, with all those cars with FIA GT2 full homologation competing in GT2 and scoring points towards the FIA GT Championship, while the other cars will race in G2. They will all score points towards the British Championship. The GT3 cars will have their second round at the British circuit of Croft, on May 8th.

The first round of the 2005 season took place at Donington Park, where Scuderia Ecosse finished the two-hour race in first and third places, with the LNT Tuscan in second place.

This is not the first time the British Championship has raced in Europe, as they shared the 1000 km of Spa with the FIA Sportscar Championship in 2003. However, it is the first time a round of a national GT Championship has been run wiithin an FIA GT Championship race. All the British GT cars run on Dunlop tyres.


Nathan Kinch - Scuderia Ecosse : "I've raced in Magny-Cours a couple of times; the most memorable would be back in 2003, when I did the FIA GT for Lister. We were leading the race when the throttle cable snapped with two laps to go. Naturally I'm hoping for better luck this time ! It will be interesting to see how we fare against the FIA GT2 cars, to see how we get on against our old rivals GruppeM."

Chris Niarchos - Scuderia Ecosse : "I am really looking forward to next weekend. The track is technical in sections as well as being very fast. That should suit the Ferraris very much. We tested at Magny-Cours a month ago and we were fast ! Tim has won there before and although I have never raced there, I like the circuit a lot and feel we have every chance of a great result."

Warren Hughes - LNT : "Racing alongside the FIA cars will be very useful. We will be able to gauge better how much work we still have to do to be able to win races anywhere in the world. The competition will be strong. It will be one of our hardest events ever, but I think we can score well against the other British runners."

Patrick Pearce - LNT : "The FIA GT is a great Championship with huge support: it's always nice to know you are being watched by such a wide audience."

Ben Collins - Embassy Racing: "As you can imagine, the Embassy team are fired up for a result at Magny Cours and the car was strong there in testing. I think we have a good chance of doing well at Magny Cours. I'm also excited to be racing in the FIA round. We're obviously there to score points against our British competitors but it's a bigger event as well at the end of the day and we want to put in our best overall result. I love driving at the circuit so i'm really looking forward to next weekend!"