Silverstone saw the Final round of the 2006 British GT Championships, and qualifying was held in dry conditions on Saturday, Adam set a time over 1 second faster than his rivals and qualified on Pole Position for Sunday's race.

Phil Burton would start the 2 hour event, and as the lights went green and for the next 2 laps managed to hang onto the lead of the race, the first 4 cars all running pretty close together for the first stint of the race until the safety car was deployed due to an accident, Phil came into pit to hand over to Adam with about 1 hour 15 minutes of the race remaining, Adam rejoined the circuit in about 7 th place, and quickly started to make his way back up the order setting the fastest lap of the race a 1:29:500 on his way.

After about a further 15 minutes Adam was up to 4th place, but has he tried to overtake a GT3 ( different class ) Aston Martin DB9RS they touched and Adam suffered a puncture on the left front wheel, so he had to come in and pit to change tyres " The extra stop cost us the race, we had been very quick all weekend, and we were in with a real change of winning this one, we had the Pole Position and the fastest lap but failed to secure the main one... a race win, I was well alongside the Aston Martin and he just turned in anyway spinning himself out of the race and giving me a puncture, there was no point in him racing me anyway I was much quicker as we are not even in the same class, but there you go ".

With still an hour to run in the race, Adam was back down to 7th position, and a long way back from the rest of the field, after running consistently in the 1:30's he managed to climb back up to 4th to take the chequered flag in what is the last race of the 2006 British GT Season.

-credit: wilcoxmotorsport