ET.CHINA AGT Masters: Poon's overtake show

The 2nd round of ET.CHINA AGT Masters' Chengdu race was held on Sunday (13th, September) with Paul Poon (PaSa Racing) put up another overtake show and won the race eventually. Poon's teammate Samson Fung captured 2nd while Oliver Lee (IMSS Racing) 3rd. Paul Poon enjoyed double wins in AGT this weekend.

Pole-sitter Paul Poon got off to a bad start and fell to 3rd when entering T1, when passing the chicane corner which connects the front straight Poon lost control of the car and spun and when he rejoined the race he was 5th. Samson Fung started from P5 and managed to move to 2nd after lap 1 and was following Oliver Lee very closely. Poon's "revenge" show started right after he rejoined the race, after only 3 laps, the race saw Poon moved from 5th to 3rd and shortened the time difference with Lee from 25 seconds to 16 seconds. Poon set the best lap of the race in lap 10 (1:36.924) and overtook his teammate Fung at the same lap. Having Poon followed very aggressively on the back, Lee spun and this moved Poon to the lead and Fung to 2nd. In class A, car No. 11 Zhang Ran who started from P3 ran off the track and retired from the race. Kenneth Ma captured 1st in class A.

The next race of ET.CHINA AGT Masters will travel back to Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) joining the Pan Delta fall event.

-credit: frd