ET.CHINA AGT Masters Chengdu Saturday race: Pole + winner for Poon

ET.CHINA AGT Masters' qualifying session started at 9:30 a.m. at Chengdu International Circuit (CDIC) with Paul Poon (PaSa Racing) grabbed pole and his best lap was 1:46.076. Due to the heavy rain at Friday night, the track was wet and slick and drivers needed to be very careful when passing certain corners.

For many of the AGT drivers, it was their first race at CDIC and the wet condition just added to the difficulty. Female driver Zhang Ran went on the track and spun more than once, so she drove back to pitlane to run a quick check on the car and rejoined the session soon. The track condition got better as the session went on as many drivers were much faster comparing with the first few laps. Oliver Lee set 1:47.508 in lap 6 and he was being conservative and headed back to pitlane, while Poon's best lap was set in lap 9.

The 1st round of ET.CHINA AGT Masters' Chengdu race was started on Saturday afternoon with Poon won and Lee & Samson Fung 2nd and 3rd, respectively. In Class A, Zhang Ran got the winner trophy and Byron Tang was 1st runner-up.

As the red lights went off, Byron Tang, who started from P2 in Ferrari 360, got overtaken by several F430 GT3 when entering T1 and his position fell from 2nd to 5th after one lap. Pole sitter Poon, on the other hand, got off to a good start and managed to lead the race from the beginning. As there was still water at corners, most of the Ferrari cars used rain tires which caused tire over heat during the race as part of the track was already dry. Lee was following Poon very closely the whole race and waited for his opportunity to overtake Poon. Lee set the best lap 1:43.921 and failed to pass Poon in the end. Poon won the race, with Lee 2nd and Fung 3rd.

The next round of ET.CHINA AGT Masters will start on Sunday.

-credit: frd