IRV HOERR (No. 91 AGT RVO Camaro) – We had a high-speed vibration in Friday night’s race. It didn’t bother us, but we need to find it before the race tomorrow. Winning overall was our goal going into the race. We didn’t know if we could do it from the back, but the yellow helped us out. I figured the leaders would have a good jump on me because of the traffic, but I knew from our practice times we’d be competitive. I figured by the time I got through traffic they’d be gone, but then the yellow came out. That was really a gift for us. I love the Glen. I haven’t been here since 1996, and it’s great to be back. This Rock Valley Oil Camaro was my main competition back when I won that GTS race, so I can see why it’s such a tough car to beat now.

DARREN LAW (No. 81 G&W Porsche) – It was a great race for us. Our goal was to finish for our points program and clinch the championship (for teammate Mike Fitzgerald), but we were going for it. I had a great race with Bill (Auberlen) at the beginning, and I don’t know what happened to him. We didn’t touch or anything. I just ran hard, and the car was as good as it’s been all year. It’s between Mike and I for the GTU championship, but we’ll get even points.

TERRY BORCHELLER (No. 5 Saleen-Allen Speedlab Saleen SR) – I knew the Roock Porsche was going to be good because of the practice times. They’ve racing a lot in Europe, and they’ve been doing good over there. I was ready for a good race. That was a pretty amazing start on his (Hubert Haupt) behalf, but I think it hurt him later in the race. I was catching him, and I think he burned up his tires. AGT should be there (racing for overall) all the time. They’re built to be the top GT car, and it should be the fastest car. Irv (Hoerr) went by, and I was expecting it from his practice times. I think the more that class grows, the more of that you’ll see.

BUDDY RICE (No. 6 SRII TRP Racing Nissan Lola) -- This is the first endurance race I’ve been at, and it’s the first big car race I’ve had at night, so it’s definitely a lot different from what I’m used to. It was different running with the big cars and running your own race, but I was trying to do a good job for TRP and get them a win, they deserved it. I was running with Larry Oberto, and got by him after the yellow. Then I got held up by one of the big cars at the end, but it was no big deal. We should be OK for Sunday.