DOUG MILLS (No. 11 AGT Hamilton Safe Chevrolet) – (Mills enters the season finale leading the American GT points for the first time since the season-opening Rolex 24) It looks like we’re going to have a shot at winning this tomorrow. It’s going to be a matter of reliability. We’re planning on running a conservative race, and we’ll see how it falls out. It’s going to be exciting. Kenny Bupp and Chevy Leavy are great guys to race with. We’ve got a few laughs, but they’re also very serious about setting up the car. They’ve both got a lot of experience setting up cars, and right now the car has more capability than I do driving it right now. I wish I could have another day working with it, so I could feel a little more comfortable. So my stint will be a conservative one. There’s a tremendous amount of luck in this, as we saw in Friday’s race, as well as the skill. We’ll see how it goes. Things can happen, both positive and negative.

OLIVER GAVIN (No. 37 Banana Joe’s Judd Lola B2K10) – (This is the first WGI race for Gavin) It’s going to be a long six hours. It’s going to be tough. But the circuit’s good, and it certainly suits our car very well. I feel reasonably confident. Jon’s (co-driver Field) fairly comfortable in the car, so we’ve got a reasonable chance. This place has an awful lot of history, and there’s a lot of nostalgia connected with racing here. People get excited about racing here, and I can certainly see why, because it’s such a high-speed circuit with challenging corners. It’s a great circuit to drive and really great fun, so I’m really looking forward to the race.

The No. 0 Porsche of Greg Wilkins and the No. 67 Porsche of Ludovico Manfredi had light contact during Saturday afternoon’s practice session. Both teams expect to have their cars repaired in time for Sunday’s race.