SCC: Racing midseason review Racing: Leading the Grand-Am Cup Since 2001 North Canton, Ohio - The Grand-Am Cup has been an extremely competitive series since its beginning in 2001. With the assortment of cars, experienced drivers, and knowledgeable crew ... Racing: Leading the Grand-Am Cup Since 2001

North Canton, Ohio - The Grand-Am Cup has been an extremely competitive series since its beginning in 2001. With the assortment of cars, experienced drivers, and knowledgeable crew members the potential for parity in the series is high. This makes it hard to believe that one team could remain at the very top of the leader board three years in a row. Against all reasonable beliefs that it could not be achieved, Phoenix ProMotions ( has been a leader in the series since 2001. Phoenix ProMotions is responsible for the Grand Am Cup Racing effort as well as the Planet Earth Motorsports and Racing Grand Am Cup efforts in the past

"Everyone says it's difficult to get to the top and even harder to stay there. This is particularly true in the Grand-Am Cup. With so many excellent teams through the years it's definitely a challenge to consistently create a competitive set up. You constantly have to work to stay ahead of the other guy. Our team and crew are very experienced but I still know the challenges will always be there," commented driver Will Nonnamaker.

The Acuras were the first cars the team entered into Grand-Am Cup competition. In 2001 they were known under Racing. It was not until 2004 that the effort, owned by Phoenix Promotions, would be known as Racing. still remains with the team as a partner.

During the inaugural season a strong line up was created with 26 entries in 10 events. Surprisingly enough at the beginning of the season the concentration was not solely on the Acuras. The team sidelined the Super Grand Sport Corvette after being involved in an accident during the Homestead race. This allowed greater dedication for the Acuras throughout the season as they continued to perform race after race. The inaugural Grand-Am Cup season they claimed 6 wins, 17 podiums, 20 top fives, 5 poles, and 7 fastest race laps.

In 2002 the team boosted their entry level to 33 and produced quality race cars once again. Their consistency with the 2001 season was incredible. They took 5 wins, 15 podiums, and 23 top five positions. Will and Wayne Nonnamaker who were credited with 4 of the 2002 wins also tied for first in driver points. The season also saw the team take their first ever overall victory at Phoenix with the Planet Earth Motorsports Corvette.

For 2003 the team upped the gamut once more. They utilized the Acuras in Grand-Am Cup competition as well as a car they had not yet ventured. The Porsche 911 was to run in the Grand Sport II class, which is now known simply as Grand Sport. The overall success of the drivers, crew, and cars gave the team a perfect finishing percentage. With only 3 more entries than the previous season, the team achieved an amazing record with an amazing 23 podiums, and 31 top fives. The team combined for 9 first place trophies in the Grand Sport II and Sport Touring II classes.

Every year the Nonnamaker owned Phoenix ProMotions has won its share of championships. From 2001-2003 the team won the team and manufacturer's championship. Every year a driver from the team has won the driver points championship in their respective class.

The 2004 season has been no different for Racing. The team runs an all Porsche effort in the Grand Sport class. The team presents a huge opportunity to compete with 4 Porsches currently participating in the Grand-Am Cup series. They recently purchased a fifth Porsche to be on the track for the September Homestead Race. Three additional Porsches, also owned by Phoenix Promotions, compete in the Grand American ROLEX series under the ORISON-Planet Earth Motorsports banner.

"We bought our first Porsche a year and a half ago from SpeedSource and have been running with them ever since," added Nonnamaker.

The team currently holds first and second in team points. Current driver Craig Stanton is first in driver points while Wayne and Joe Nonnamaker are tied for third. Terry Borcheller who drove the first three races of the season with Racing is in second place. With five more races to go this season the team knows there is much work remaining.

Visit to learn more about the team's 2004 Grand-Am Cup effort.

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