Turner Motorsport Ready for 200 at Lime Rock Park

(Amesbury, MA) 24 May 2010-There are some impressive streaks and benchmarks in sports, and Turner Motorsport is looking forward to adding to that history this weekend as the team prepares for its 200th professional race start at Lime Rock Park.

Turner Motorsport, which has made every single one of those starts (and more than 100 additional starts in the club racing ranks) with BMW, will race in both of the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge races on Saturday, and then return to race in the Rolex Sports Car Series on Monday as well.

That this benchmark is reached at Lime Rock Park is particularly fitting for the team, as the track is the site where Will Turner's passion for autoracing was first ignited. The track visit is also significant given that it was also the place where Turner Motorsport first started helping BMW enthusiasts get the most out of their machines.

"I still remember parking the car up top and walking down the hill into the paddock and just being amazed that you could you walk right into where the drivers were and could see where the cars were being worked on, right there," said Turner.

"I walked down to turn one, and I'll never forget being there for a GT race, with the cars screaming into the corner, wiggling under braking, with flames coming out the side. All that speed and sound, it just sent chills through my body. I had never seen anything seen anything go so fast, and then stop and turn, and then keep going. It still carries with me to this day."

That first exposure turned Turner, who had previously focused his youthful enthusiasm for two-wheeled machinery, into a fully devoted auto racing fan. But the Connecticut native was not happy just watching.

"I had a BMW 3-series--Euro spec, and very quick-- and I got involved with the BMW car club days at Lime Rock Park," continued Turner. "I would go to every day that I could sign up for. Eventually, I started using these StopTech Brakes on my car, and it made me look like a hero out there.

"Everyone wanted to know how it was happening, and I just told them what I'd done. Someone said, 'well, get me some!' and I just started selling brake pads at these events from out of the trunk of my car. That's how I'd fund my track time, my StopTech Brakes, and the R-compound tires, and Turner Motorsport came from that."

Those track day lessons, which showed Turner the value of delivering performance and learning the value of customer service, helped him steer Turner Motorsport as it become the leading provider for BMW enthusiasts. After years of producing smiles for those lucky enough to drive Turner machines, as well as scores of memories for those cheering them on, the team has a stout fan base. That devoted group will be on hand for all to see this weekend as the distinctive yellow and blue of Turner Motorsport will look like the unofficial uniform for race fans at LRP.

The team has an outstanding record of success at Lime Rock Park in the last decade, with seven wins and eleven podiums, as well as over twenty-five top tens and countless pole positions and fastest laps of the race. As the team enters the race weekend fresh from victory in the most recent round, and just one point out from the championship lead, Turner is still carrying that excitement that filled him in turn one so many years ago.

"This is going to be a huge weekend for us," said Turner, whose GT class effort has been selected by fans at grand-am.com as the "Most Likely to Win" on Monday. "We've got three chances to win on Saturday and another shot on Monday afternoon, so hopefully we can make this 200th start a perfect one. No matter what happens, I'm just excited for the event. It is our home track, and we always have such amazing support from our fans whenever we are at Lime Rock so I'm really looking forward to the weekend."

-source: turner motorsport