Kinetic Motorsports Unveils Its First BMW M3 E92 V8 Race Car

Kinetic Motorsports unveils its new BMW M3 E92 this week at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show in Orlando, Florida through Saturday, December 13th. The new M3 will be on display in the Cobalt Friction booth. Cobalt is a leading manufacturer of race winning brake pads and a proud partner of Kinetic Motorsports.

The new M3 will make its "on-track" debut at the Grand-Am, KONI Challenge Sports Car Series, Test days at Daytona in early January and will race throughout the 2009 season. Kinetic will commence on-track testing to develop the car into a competitive and reliable client car for the KONI Challenge Series. Working in conjunction with design engineer, Ken Anderson and race engineer Mark Schoman; professional race car driver, Nic Jonsson, will pilot the new M3 at both the test and later that month in the Fresh from Florida 200 race.

"BMW enthusiast will love this car and I'm sure it will get a lot of attention especially since this will start a new era of BMW race cars based on the new M3 V8 model that was released early 2008.", said pro-driver and Kinetic co-owner Nic Jonsson. "We paid a lot of attention to detail especially since this is the first time we've had an opportunity to build a car completely from IMG_6745.JPG scratch. We bought a street BMW M3 off the show room floor; tore it down to the bare tub then designed everything around that. It was many long days and late nights for our skilled crew and design team to make everything fit precisely and to the high standards we set for ourselves."

This new BMW M3 E92 V8 from Kinetic Motorsports is the first one finished for the KONI Challenge and to their specifications. Kinetics incorporated many improvements in terms of pit lane efficiency for teams when making adjustments to the set up, checking for issues, etc. Kinetics also paid special attention to the cockpit layout as to make it ergonomically and driver friendly making it easier for drivers in reaching all the controls needed such brake bias, cooling suit, radio, drink bottle, helmet hook ups, seat and seat belt adjustments, etc.

"Everyone here at Kinetic's is very excited to begin development on this next great BMW M3.", said Kinetic owner and co-founder, Russell Smith. "The E46 platform proved to be a competitive and reliable platform, winning many races and championships for the brand. We feel the new E92 model will continue that success."

The fourth generation BMW M3 was first announced at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show and arrived in the United States earlier this year. As with the previous generations, a new power plant was introduced as well -- the S65 naturally aspirated 4 litre V8. With its carbon fiber roof and redesigned bodies lines; the newest M3 will definitely be one of the cars to watch.

"Following the final race of the KONI Challenge 2008 season, all of our crew turned their attention to building this new car and created a phenomenal looking machine.", says Kinetic Team Manager, Ed Hall. "It has been a very busy couple of months working with our partners and engineers, but I think everyone will agree it was well worth the effort."

-credit: km