TORONTO, Ontario (December 20, 2002) -- Multimatic conducted its first-ever testing of the Ford Focus Daytona Prototype this week with great success. The Canadian-based constructor first took the new Daytona Prototype to Kentucky Speedway for an initial shakedown, but rainy weather kept the car inside the garage. However, on Wednesday driver Scott Maxwell was finally able to put the new Ford Focus on the track for the first time at Road Atlanta.

"We originally planned on just doing an initial shakedown of the car, but things were going so well that we just kept going and going. I probably put 130 miles on the car during the first test day," commented Maxwell, who will co-drive the Ford Focus Daytona Prototype with David Empringham and David Brabham at the Rolex 24 At Daytona, Feb. 1-2.

"All the initial indications are good, which is a bit surprising. This is a ground-up, brand new car, so you expect to have dozens of little problems here and there when you first take it out. But the thing just ran and ran. You get a feeling right away if a car is going to be technically sound or if its going to require a lot of extra work, and this car just felt very stable from the very first lap," added Maxwell.

Multimatic's Larry Holt, who led the creation of the Ford Focus Daytona Prototype, was also pleased with its first outing. "You always hope that the first time you put a car on the track that things will go well, but you have to prepare yourself for the worst. We could not be happier with how well things went during testing. The car and the Robert Yates engine performed wonderfully. We can't wait to get it down to Daytona for more testing," remarked Holt.

The Multimatic Ford Focus Daytona Prototype will take to Daytona International Speedway's 3.56-mile road course for Pre-season Testing, Jan. 3-5, in preparation for the 41st Rolex 24 At Daytona.

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