Brazil over Daytona… Mas que Nada… No way, indeed…

Who could have bet on a photo shot at sunset of a Ferrari 458 proudly sporting a Brazilian flag, racing full speed on the high banks of Daytona under the (more or less) watchful eyes of the RV crowd. In many different ways, I really do believe there is a magic in this scene.

For one thing, it captures the essence of Daytona: there is only one place in the world that this photo could have been shot and it's Daytona - I always enjoy photos that are 'track specific'. And even though Daytona is not the best looking track around, it does have some nice features and it's just a matter of good timing to get them right. This photo is also very colorful, another element that I enjoy. To get my (very short) attention, a scene definitely has to be full of bright colors. This one has them.

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