Alton, Virginia, September 17, 2000 -- Pilots Richard Spenard and Jean-François Dumoulin -- of Blainville-based NewTech Motorsports -- drove the team's Porsche 993 turbo to fifth position during today's 10th and final race in the Motorola Cup 2000 season, which took place at the Virginia International Raceway, in Alton, Virginia. NewTech's revolutionary full contact brakes performed flawlessly for the second time in a real-world racing environment.

"We had a very competitive race, but two relatively small mishaps most probably cost us a podium," said pilot Jean-François Dumoulin, who drove the Porsche during the second half of the race -- and to the finish line. "We started with both the turbo and the non-turbo Porsches, but the atmospheric did not finish because of mechanical problems and, in any case, the concentration was on the turbo. But, this was a straight four hour race and I am very happy with the overall results."

"This is an extremely narrow and tight track for passing, which partly explains the two problems I experienced," commented top driver Richard Spenard, who drove the turbo 993 during the first half. "First, a driver who was steering back on the track after a skid didn't look out and hit me, blowing a front tire. Then a hole in the track near a speed bump blew another tire. These two events can easily account for our two laps behind the leaders at the end. But overall, this was a good race, the brakes were great and we certainly proved our strength during this racing season."

NewTech Motorsports, which entered the series in mid-season, has become a highly respected contender in the series, scoring five podiums during the past eight races.

Based in Blainville, Quebec, NewTech Group International (the team's principal sponsor) is a research and development firm currently developing a revolutionary full contact brake system which has stirred significant interest from the major automotive manufacturers and racing teams world-wide.