2003 Rulebook goes to the printer.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (November 20, 2002) -- Grand American Road Racing Association has completed final editing of the 2003 rulebook and the files are being sent to the printer. The final text has been posted on www.grandamerican.com.

"We've been able to get some positive input from our constituents over the past couple of weeks," Grand American President Roger Edmondson said. "And, as a result, we've made a couple of last-minute revisions in the GT category. Any other changes in this final draft are minor."

Edmondson noted that the GT and GTS rules now include air restrictor sizes that are in line with other international racing organizations. "Teams that have a GT car that they race in Europe or Asia can bring that car to a Grand American race and compete with very minimal modification," he added.

Rules for the Daytona Prototypes are basically unchanged from the latest version. More leeway has been granted for the placement and design of mirrors.

"This final version of the rules has the changes highlighted in red type," Director of Competition Mark Raffauf noted. "Whatever has been changed since the last version we had available will be easy to spot."

Additional information about the Rolex Sports Car Series Daytona Prototypes, including photos, renderings and rules, is available online at www.grandamerican.com.