20 Car Snapshot: Troubled first stint for Wallace

After starting the 45th Rolex 24 from outside the seventh row, Andy Wallace was cruising comfortably just outside the top ten around Lap 47 when the No 20 Howard Motorsports Jackson Hewitt / Subway Pontiac Crawford (henceforth known as the HMJH/SPC or more simply the 20 Car) appeared to lose a cylinder. Early indications were a broken header, but a quick inspection back in the team's garage pointed to electrical problems.

#20 Howard Motorsports Pontiac Crawford: Andy Wallace, Butch Leitzinger, Tony Stewart.
Photo by Bob Harmeyer.
"We lost a coil in cylinder 8," said crew chief Catherine Crawford-Wallace. "Some kind of grounding issue, we think, with this spec ECU harness. We're not sure. All I can really say is we lost a coil - officially."

Wallace returned to the track after losing 11 laps undergoing repairs. He stopped in again around 3:40 pm for a routine tires/fuel pit stop and turned the 20 Car over to Butch Leitzinger.

Wallace was none too happy with a fellow competitor. "F-ing idiot! There's this red Ferrari lumbering around on the wrong side of the road. Every time I start to pass him, he's nearly taken me off. He comes out of the pits and goes straight to the right side of the road. So you go left and he cuts right back in front of you. F-ing wanker."

"I think the engine isn't as good," says Crawford-Wallace, changing the subject.

"It isn't," says Wallace. "A lot less speed."

"Anything else?"

"The car's fantastic. Actually lovely."

"I took a little bit of tire pressure out of the rears because they were way too high," adds Crawford-Wallace. "That's all I felt we needed to do. So that's it."

"Thank you," said Wallace.