Team RSC Mucke Motorsport with Nigel Melker on position eight and 13 at Monza - Tobias Hegewald tenth and eleventh - Renger van der Zande discarded two times

Berlin/Monza (rol/ot) The finale of the premiere season of the GP3 Series that was scheduled in the main program of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy at Monza ended with a placing in the points ranking on Saturday (11th of September) and a lot of misfortune on Sunday (12th of September) for the Team RSC Mucke Motorsport from Berlin. The Netherland Nigel Melker has been on position eight and 13, German Tobias Hegewald (Waldbreitbach) has been on ten and eleven and Renger van der Zande (Netherlands) had to end both races early. Winners of the races have been the first GP3 Champion Esteban Gutierrez (Mexico) on Saturday and the Canadian runner-up Robert Wickens on Sunday.

Nigel Melker has been in big misfortune at the last race. After his placing on position eight on Saturday he has been on Pole Position the next day. Just before the lights went off he had an electronic problem that was followed by a rejected start. So after a further warm up lap the Netherland had to start from the last position due to the regulations. Strating from that position he made his way up to position 13 and during his catch-up race he drove the fastest racing lap even without slipstream. ^AWithout this adversity at the start the victory has been possible for Nigel, because he has been faster than his combatants", tells team principal Peter Mucke that has Ralf Schumacher (the RSC in the team name stands for the former Formula 1 and actual Mercedes DTM pilot) as a prominent combatant and partner between his rows.

Having a good basic position on this traditional track at Monza as well Renger van der Zande had to stable his racer on Saturday after 10 of 16 laps. He was fighting about the first placings in between a group of six before he discarded with a problem at the gearshift. On Sunday the Netherland discarded after four laps (he made his way from 26 to 13 already) because of a damaged gear belt on his car. Best placed RSC Mucke pilot on Sunday has been the German Tobias Hegewald on position eleven. Earlier the trio of the racing stable from the capital city of Germany has been on good positions at the Qualifying on Saturday with Renger van der Zande on position two, Hegewald on four and Melker on eight.

^AOur three drivers have been on a high speed level the whole season and in between the first third of the field", told team principal Peter Mucke. ^ACertainly the season hasn't been like we hoped for. Many accidents and missing racing luck made it hard to have a better altogether performance. But the results at the last qualifying with all three drivers in between the top eight proofed that the drivers, the team and the cars are good and prepared for placings at front. Knowing that and a lot of experience is what we take with us for the coming season 2011", underlines Peter Mucke.

After the season finale at Silverstone the GP3 Series is not over yet this year. Next month two test runs are scheduled at Estoril (Portugal, 13th to 15th of October) and at Jerez (Spain, 20th to 22nd of October).