The Spanish GP3 Series outfit, Addax Team were more than satisfied with the results obtained in the post season three days of testing that have taken place this week, at the Portuguese circuit of Estoril. Nearly all the drivers involved finished among the leading times and in nearly all the sessions. In five of the six sessions Addax Team had a driver who finished in the top three.

Addax Team, set various objectives as they tested drivers with differing characteristics. Some were very experienced, whilst others were pure rookies. The team has concluded these tests satisfied with the times posted by the more veteran drivers and the sensational progress made by the younger rookies and have demonstrated that they are one of the form teams for the following season.

Day 13

Miki Monras: In the first session the team worked on the performance of the new tyre as they had had problems with it throughout the whole of last season, particularly in qualifying.. The results were excellent because they finished in a meritorious 2nd position. In the afternoon he finished 13th after problems with the fuel pump, just when he was setting his fastest lap time.

Adriano Buzaid: the Brazilian driver who had been competing in the British F3 championship adapted very quickly to the car. In the morning he finished in 8th place. In the afternoon he and the team worked more on the development of the car but still managed to finish on the top half of the table of times set

Roberto Merhi: at the start of the morning session he posted a magnificent lap time which was the fastest time and was only beaten at the end of the session. In the afternoon more of the same. This young and promising driver, in both sessions, adapted immediately to the conditions and the car and set a fast time right from the start. He finished the session in 2nd position just three thousandths of a second behind the leading time.

Day 14

Antonio Felix da Costa: he demonstrated his talent throughout the day. He finished the first session in 1st place and in the afternoon he set the 3rd fastest time, despite a red flag spoiling what was going to be his best lap time. The Portuguese adapted to the car immediately and was always among the leading times.

Roberto Merhi: he spent the whole day on the development of the car. Nevertheless, he surprised everyone with the times he was capable of setting on very used tyres. He finished the morning session 7th and the afternoon in 8th position, but very close to the leading times.

Julian Leal : The Colombian driver was an genuine novice who finished 25th in the morning session but improved significantly in the afternoon to post the 15th fastest lap time in the afternoon. He managed to improve his times by a whole second in the afternoon.

Day 15

Dean Smith: another more experienced driver. From the beginning he was comfortable with the car and set the 7th fastest time. In the afternoon after working on different set ups he finished with the 3rd best time of the session.

Julian Leal: he continued making progress and showed signs of getting more and more adapted to the car. He was in the top ten throughout the day finishing the sessions in 9th and 8th.

Adriano Buzaid: his main objective was to get used to the car and get the maximum performance out of it on used tyres. The Brazilian driver finished 23rd in the morning but improved to 13th position in the afternoon.

Satisfactory results for all the drivers involved who all managed to improve on their lap times, once they had got used to working with the team and the characteristics of the car.

-source: addax team