Valencia: Race one press conference

Race 1 Press Conference: Valencia 29/09/2007 GP2 Series: Welcome to the press conference for GP2 Series Race 1 at Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia. Joining us today in third place Kazuki Nakajima from Dams, in second Giorgio Pantano from Campos...

Race 1 Press Conference: Valencia

GP2 Series: Welcome to the press conference for GP2 Series Race 1 at Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia. Joining us today in third place Kazuki Nakajima from Dams, in second Giorgio Pantano from Campos Grand Prix and taking his first GP2 Series win, Vitaly Petrov from Campos Grand Prix.

Vitaly, a great job today, it looked like it was set up at the start, talk us through it from your perspective.

Vitaly Petrov: The start was really incredible because I talk with my engineer on the radio and I told him for me to be very difficult to start because my tyres were a little bit in the water and I was really afraid to do too much wheelspin. But I was really lucky, it was incredible the start and I passed a lot of cars.

GP2 Series: How difficult was the situation in the first laps. There was rain but it seemed to ease off and yet remain very tricky.

Vitaly: When it was pitlane open I did a few laps and had a very clear understanding of the track. I knew where I could push and for me it was really not a problem in the first five laps. At the start it was a big problem because I was on the radio speaking with my engineer saying maybe we change for wet tyres or not. I take the decision to stay out all the time.

GP2 Series: How difficult was it to keep Giorgio behind you. You seemed to have him fairly well in hand.

Vitaly: The first moment it was hard because I can see sometimes he start to push but then I was starting to push myself and not look to the back.

GP2 Series: This of course is the first time the Russian national anthem has been played at an international motorsport event of this level, and it was played for you. What was that moment like on the podium?

Vitaly: I was really happy, because its the first time I won a race. And I was really happy because my team was happy. My team won this and I give it to them.

GP2 Series: And you've led home a 1-2 for your team at their home race.

Vitaly: Yeah this is of course is important. It's the home race and important for us.

GP2 Series: Congratulations.

Giorgio, also congratulations. A great job today. Again you seemed to have another one of your blinding starts.

Giorgio Pantano: You know he [Vitaly] did a pretty good start to be honest. Me I did well but what he said before, it was wet and me probably had a bit too much wheelspin compared to him. Anyway, I think we did the right choice about the tyres. We was very quick to deal with the situation, but anyway we both did a very good job apart from the last 15 laps I had quite a big problem with the rear. I have to take off a little throttle because it was too risky to stay there and push him to try to overtake and I decide to take the place and let him win. He did a great job and I want to say congratulations to him because he drove very well today.

GP2 Series: What does it mean for you to be part of a Campos 1-2 at their home track?

Giorgio: We did a very good job this year. We are on the last race now and also Vitaly has won with Campos. I think we both did a very good job for them and the team now is coming up on the top and the question is we both improve and we did a good job for them.

GP2 Series: Congratulations, it was a great job.

Kazuki congratulations, another podium for you but probably not as much as you were hoping for. What happened?

Kazuki Nakajima: The start was great for me and I had slick tyres so my start was much better than, like, Timo or Filippi who was behind me. Just after the start we had already small raining and I was just controlling my pace and looking at the car behind. After it was really difficult to have rain on slick tyres and traffic. Because of traffic I lost my place and it was a shame, but I'm happy to be back on the podium again in the last event and I think the team did a good job. It's a shame to miss the win but we showed the pace in qualifying and it's good to survive such a crazy race.

GP2 Series: Well yes, you say survived and I guess the obvious question is to ask what happened at the end when you and Giorgio were crossing the line?

Kazuki: I was just behind and maybe he was already across the line and he just slowed down.

Giorgio: It was also my mistake because I didn't watch my mirror and I was not thinking he was very close. I slowed down when I cross the line to say hello to my team but was also my mistake. Sorry.

Kazuki: Yeah it was like this.

GP2 Series: Thanks very much Gentlemen.

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