Trident Racing announces Andreas Zuber as official driver

Milano, 13th December 2005 -- The Austrian driver Andreas Zuber has joined the Italian Gian Maria Bruni as official Trident Racing driver for the next GP2 Series.

The team has so completed its staff and it is ready for the racing debut counting on a very strong couple of drivers.

"We have chosen Zuber between many candidates - says the Team Owner Maurizio Salvadori - because we think Andreas is a talented and fast driver and because of the professionalism he showed during the recent GP2 tests. On top of this he is perfectly sharing our team spirit: we are sure we will reach excellent results together".


What is your first feeling as Trident Racing driver?
I'm happy because I got the chance to drive for professionals with a huge race experience. I met them personally just two weeks ago and I was immediately impressed by the way they works and their commitment in racing. Then, I immediately realized their great team spirit, it's exactly what you need to be a winner. Next year will be a success for sure.

You already tested the GP2 car, tell us something about it.
It's a very reactive and sensitive car, I mean that when you set it up thinking at a certain result that is exactly what you get. The handling is very good, with great power and very good brakes. And next year we will have slick tyres, which means the car will be physically more demanding. I will work a lot in the gym this winter because of this. I already started the training.

What's your feeling with such a powerful engine behind your shoulders?
I'm not worried about power because I like it. I feel very comfortable when I got a lot of HP to drive. The more I get them the more I enjoy. Obviously you must have the right grip to exploit the power but with the engineers I will work with this will not be a problem, we will find the best set up together.

Your team mate is Gimmi Bruni, a very talented and experienced driver. What do you think about him?
I met him two days ago and he will be my first competitor, no doubt about this. We must push each other. This is the only way I know to be successful in racing. But he is a nice guy, we are going to train together in Viareggio at Dr. Ceccarelli's place. We will fight on track but I'm sure we will have no problems outside.

Finally, tell us something about Dominator Yachts.
Dominator Yachts is a leading manufacturer of luxury boats, they helped me since I started my career in car racing, without them I shouldn't be here today. But I'd like to say that the owner was a big fan of Eros Ramazzotti and Clarence Seedorf even before this contract. Everything fixes together. So I want to thank all the staff at Dominator Yachts and Trident Racing for the great chance they gave me. I will not disappoint them.

-trident racing-