Chris Van der Drift completes impressive two-day test.

Trident Racing was on-track for four consecutive day at Paul Ricard in the GP2 post-season collective tests. The team successfully fulfilled the planned program, as great indications came from young Dutch talent Chris Van der Drift, who left a strong impression on the whole team`s staff for the high-quality work completed. Chris is currently the main choice for Trident Racing among the possible candidates for a ride in the upcoming season.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Principal

"All the staff of Trident Racing was impressed by the great feedback received from Chris Van der Drift in this week`s tests at Paul Ricard. The driver came to his first GP2 experience after scoring a very valuable 2nd place in the 2007 International F.Master, and proved to be fast on-track as well as useful while helping in the car`s set-up and development processes. He kept an highly-professional profile all the time, especially while dealing with our technical compartment. I think he`ll be ready to start a positive experience in the GP2 Asia and in the 2008 Main Series, lining-up as the most competitive Dutch driver around. Chris somehow reminded me Pastor Maldonado for his ease in adapting to an unknown car and for his ability to start turning competitive laps in a short time, but also shown a more analytical approach to the technical side of competition. Even though we only had the chance to test him for a couple of days, I really think that he has what it takes to become the reference driver for Trident Racing. I hope I`ll be able to count on Chris in both the Asian and the Main Series, and I hope he`ll be able to get the necessary support in order to build himself an important and successful future".